Foreigner Busking in Singaopre

The busy life in Singapore street has also attracted many foreigners to busk here. Among them, some are “special guests”, who travels round the globe to busk. They then had a hard time identifying the culture here of a law-bound city where everything needs a proper paper and licensing is necessary to busk legally.  In early 2010, two caucasian were spotted in Bugis Junction beating on drums for money. However, were forced to left the scene when people identify them as no proper permit, and took their pictures on Stomp

The most interesting part is when they reply to stomp about how the rich-kid in Singapore would never understand the hardship of a busker life who is just earning a living.


Understanding Busking’s History

Knowing the history of busking fully accentuate their importance in society.

They are  A APART  of us and US in them.

Official License for Busking in Singapore

The National Art Council (NAC) offers licensing for legal busking in Singapore. According to some of the buskers interviewed, the designated places assigned by NAC usually does not brought about much businesses. For the NAC, Busking only takes place at designated spaces, considering many factors like: obstruction to traffic. Buskers also have to prepare their own battery operated amplification device.

For more information of applying a license for busking, please visit the NAC site below:

Busking in Singapore Short Sell Religion

According to Robert Tan, below is an example of Busker performing for Religion purpose

Another Video of Robert Tan

Here is another Video of Robert Tan performing at Pasir Ris in 2010, uploaded by other user

Busking in Sg

In this video, busker Mr Robert Tan is featured as the main subject. In his point of view, busking just like any other occupation, is also a proper job. He gets to show off his talent, entertain the public and at the same time, earning his needs for the day. Starting to do busking is not an easy approach, one has to withstand fear of performing in an open space, having been seen as an “improper” job by many others, and even more negative feedback from others. His greatest reward is when he received good praising and invitation for performance.

In front of the Tampines MRT station entrance, Robert Tan strums his guitar and sing the all time favourite songs in his own acoustic way. With a simple set-up of basically a guitar, a mic, a speaker, and a chair, Robert would position himself at the right spot to start his day of busking. Having to sit there for almost 12 hours, Robert Tan has prepared with him all the necessary stuffs like water and snacks that would sustained his long working hour.
The only time he stop performing is when he needs to get a sip of water or take a break for his meal.

Just a few metres away is another Malay Busker whom Robert Tan regard him as friend or colleague more than competitors. They each played their own way, and it was pleasing to watch the two differnt performance working in harmony at the same area. Robert Tan also shared about how the other busker used to claim himself to be the first busker who started in Singapore.

Busking- A whole new world we live in

Buskers, a rare breed of street entertainers in search of the best place or “pitch” to perform their artistic endeavor.

Often at times, we see them performing on streets, fairs and underpass but many audience  just either ignore them, some even give crude remarks. It is with this determination and passion that drives them through their everyday routine.

We see to live a tale by Mr. Robert  Tan, a man full of passion sited in different locations to embrace and express his love for singing.